The pic­ture above is from Esquel, Argentina. I sneaked up on these cows in the mid­dle of a humon­gous field in a place I do not remem­ber. Looks like they caught me. They were not so amused. 

Finals are upon me. I’ve donated to all my tax-deductible char­ity orga­ni­za­tions. My funds have been allo­cated and my plans are being made. Again, I’m not mak­ing sense — it’s 12:57am, which means I should be sleep­ing soon, as always. But I prob­a­bly won’t be, as always.

Next week I embark on my multi-city, across-the-world tour of all things grand and lovely: I’m start­ing off in HelLA, my birth place and prob­a­bly where I’ll have kids and stuff… not. I’ll start there, work my way from famil­ial time to get­ting on the road and mak­ing a 2,000+ mile road trip down to New Orleans, home of the ragin’ cajuns and good ol’ jam­bal­aya. Tex­ans I’ll be watch­ing you along the way. My plan is to go stocked with not much besides my girl­friend and some 35mm film, and come back with fist­fuls of phys­i­cal arti­facts of a few weeks that will be quite hazy. Hope­fully we’ll end up with many a froggy visor and “My Meemaw went all the way to Fort Worth and all she got me is this shitty t-shirt” t-shirts. And lots of stolen mugs from bars that we’ll be chased out of. That’s kind of my thing lately.

After that, it’s back to sunny Cal­i­for­nia to stop back in LA, pick up my remains and haul ass to San Fran­cisco, where the jolly star­tups of SOMA and weirdos in the Mis­sion are call­ing our name. I’ve found a dark­room there already and I’m hop­ing to jump right back in soons I can. Shits like ther­apy, and lord knows I could use some right about now. San Fran­cisco will be a very inter­est­ing place filled with I-have-no-idea-whats-but-let’s-hope-I-don’t-die.

In the heat-covered days that remain in Sep­tem­ber, I will go back to the sky­land (as my 4 year old sis­ter Ash­ley loves to put it) and fly over to Barcelona, España to visit my dear friend and shady brother, Elliott Lavi, where he’ll be pre­tend­ing to be study­ing abroad and instead will be on a rolling black­out for months upon months. Hoowee this will be a fun sum­mer… if I have the money to afford it that is.

Here’s to my eyes clos­ing and my lens open­ing. It’s been a while.