MG 7740 The above is an unnamed friend (let’s call her Ivy), who attended a mas­quer­ade party at my house this summer.

The school year has begun, actu­ally it’s about to be over… this quar­ter at least. I’ve fallen behind on a lot of my oblig­a­tions I feel like, and it’s time for that to be cor­rected. I go through this whole Spring Clean­ing mind­set, except it hap­pens once every month and you can imag­ine how much that throws me off. My envi­ron­ment fuels my pro­duc­tiv­ity, and each time I need to adjust to a new one, I lose all momen­tum from times past. In the past 4 years alone, I have moved approx­i­mately four times, and that is not includ­ing the first two years of mov­ing onto cam­pus and then back home. After all this time, my last year of col­lege is ahead of me and I still pretty much exist within one or two suit­cases, not much more than what can fit in the back of an old Toy­ota Previa.

This sum­mer I ded­i­cated to hedo­nis­tic plea­sures, I gave into liv­ing in another city yet again just for the kicks, I worked more on cre­ative plea­sures like a one-time bout into jour­nal­ism, build­ing a web­site for a com­pany, even going so far as to book­ing and com­plet­ing my first wed­ding. Now I’m back in school and my focus is back on the brain, but I’ve been work­ing hard to keep every­thing going on all at once. I’ve even taken the plunge and finally bought two new cam­eras as presents for my hard work, a Canon 5D Mk II (which you can see being used for my first time up above), and a Yashica Mat 124G, a split deci­sion foray into medium for­mat which I’m sure I’ll trea­sure once I have more time again.

With all this talk of time and work and doing things, I’m still lying in bed, sick as a dog. I should get up and cook break­fast and get going with my day. Com­pletely off topic, I think my style has become pretty defined now, I like blend­ing photojournalism/documentary work into real life, bring­ing the uniquely for­eign into the mun­danely famil­iar. I’ve always taken pic­tures of my friends faces, expres­sions at events you don’t know, and I think that’s part of the magic. Telling a story in which you can’t divulge the begin­ning, only the end.

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  1. Boxer says:

    kian that pic­ture is incred­i­ble. you’ve really grown into a good pho­tog­ra­pher, im so happy


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