M usic inflames tem­pera­ment. I’ve heard this say­ing so many times it’s beyond trite but it’s still true. Music is a key part of my life. Hope­fully a part of yours too. I wake up to music. I go to sleep to music. In the absence of the silence and tin­ni­tus that usu­ally paints a quiet moment for me, I find myself plugged in, devour­ing entire records, albums pranc­ing ahead of me as the sound­track for my day.

Instead of writ­ing a lot, I’ll leave some pho­tos from the past year or two that I’ve taken. I’ve been very blessed to work in the indus­try I con­nect with the most, and admire. Watch­ing a musi­cian pour his/her soul out for you, often with the exten­sion of a gui­tar, a syn­the­sizer, even a light­ning blue elec­tric cello enthralls me. I love noth­ing more than get­ting my press pass and hitch­ing myself directly behind the artist’s mon­i­tors, as it to give myself an inti­mate show­ing of the artist, just them and I.