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This is a friend I ‘made’ in the streets of Chi­na­town in San Fran­cisco. She is not pleased to see me.

Thanks­giv­ing is finally upon us. After 7 straight weeks of midterms, a new job, a cat steal­ing all of my atten­tion at home, and the flu for the past few weeks, my shoul­ders can be at ease. I have fin­ished my last assign­ments, done my work, and it is finally time for me to spend a peace­ful break in the forests of Ver­mont with the peo­ple I love.

This photo is very rep­re­sen­ta­tive of my mind­set right now. I need to get the hell out of here. Get a move on. Gain some momen­tum. I’ve been stuck in this strange limbo of tak­ing classes I should’ve taken 2 years ago as a result of my steal­ing away to Argentina for some months. What does that mean? That means every­thing I’ve done is framed in a mind­set of 2 years ago. My classes? Tests every week and busy work to keep me at bay from watch­ing too much TV. All of it makes me feel stuck, makes me feel claus­tro­pho­bic. I’m glad I can start afresh in a few weeks and put all of my bor­ing classes finally behind me. Then again, next quar­ter is the quar­ter I fin­ish school… per­fect time to start afresh I suppose?

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  1. Ellen Zacarias says:

    Ha! She looks both intrigued and miffed that someone’s tak­ing a pic­ture of her!

    I really enjoyed see­ing your per­for­mance in Anna Joy’s class. It was quite unnerv­ing and there­fore suc­cess­ful. ;) You have a strong stage presence.

    Wish­ing you the best on your post-UCSD adven­tures! Keep up the cre­ativ­ity (and photo-taking) and take care.


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