This is from a con­cert I shot of local band — Koko. Above is the lead singer talk­ing under dim light­ing with some friends.

I try not to com­plain too much, opti­mism is my per­sonal method of get­ting through dif­fi­cult things. Stress is too eas­ily attached to me like a mon­key rid­ing on my shoul­ders so I sim­plify. I clear. I clean. I empty things. I block out my vision to only what I need to see so every­thing I want to see stops dis­tract­ing and fud­dling my head.

I should be study­ing right now but I feel like I should write. I’ve just tested out this new web­site,, by the founders of Twit­ter and it reminded me that we all have that ongo­ing nar­ra­tive going on, whether or not we like it to. Mine is com­pelling me to let it out of its cage for a sec­ond and play with my keys.

I tend to show­case pho­tos here that speak to my mind­set at the moment, and I think this one is good. Spot­lights make me feel safe some­times because they only show you what you need to see. Every­thing else can fade out into the dim lumi­nes­cence of whatever’s not around. I some­times will wear just a white t-shirt and black jeans because it gives me one less thing to think about.

Well, I’ve given you a begin­ning, a mid­dle, and an end. They all start with I. Now, I need to go.

Finals won’t be so bad.

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