This is my friend Mur­ray. He passed away and is now over­com­ing his exhi­bi­tion­is­tic ten­den­cies by stand­ing naked at the Explorato­rium in San Fran­cisco, California.

The dreaded Week 10 is upon us. Dooms­day as it is known across the La Jolla cam­pus of UCSD, stu­dents with eyes peeled open in wake of the ter­ror that is to fall over us through­out finals week. Stale dreams of car­peted homes back in Pleasan­ton, Irvine, Los Ange­les, and occa­sion­ally some­where else in San Diego fill our minds, never hav­ing been so excited to return to Mom’s cook­ing or the local Pie ‘n Burger in Pasadena. I kind of feel like my friend Mur­ray up there, disembodied.

My classes are about to come to an end and the fan­tasms of Christ­mas and Chan­nukah are right over the other side. I’d kill to be any­where but here now. Then again even if you gave me a fast-forward but­ton I wouldn’t do it. Two weeks is a lot of time to enjoy myself and hope­fully next quar­ter my mind will be a lit­tle less har­ried and my cre­ative endeav­ours will come to fruition slightly more often. I apol­o­gize for miss­ing a week in writ­ing, but I was stranded at JFK for a night or two and shack­led to fur­ni­ture in the dis­tant land of South­ern Ver­mont for the days prior. But I’m back, and so are my inces­sant blath­er­ings on life and love and the love of life. Let’s go get funky. I’m lis­ten­ing to LCD Soundsystem.

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