Kian. We’ve gleaned this much so far. In case you missed that part, my name is Kian Lavi. And I like to con­sider myself, only some­times, a pho­tog­ra­pher. Pro­fes­sional, ama­teur, or oth­er­wise doesn’t really con­cern me. What does con­cern me is light. And mem­o­ries. And lenses open­ing and clos­ing in 1/1000th of a second

S o I am Kian. I already told you that part. I like to go dif­fer­ent places, my cam­era usu­ally knows where we’re going though more than I do. That piece of glass has its way with me for hours and hours and days and weeks and sud­denly I’ll have a pic­ture in front of me, com­ing to life and breath­ing and telling me some­thing. Pic­tures are mag­i­cal like that, they’re just one lit­tle snap­shot but they tell an entire mem­ory. And I’m the han­dler of those mem­o­ries. I can make them appear and dis­ap­pear and manip­u­late them to my leisure. I can com­pletely change the way some­thing is remem­bered and how it will be remem­bered. It’s fantastic.
I was born and raised in Los Ange­les, Cal­i­for­nia, but I’m now in San Diego. I move around quite a lot, so take me wher­ever you’d like and my cam­era will be sure to fol­low. Pic­tures, like music, inflame tem­pera­ment and I do like tak­ing pictures.
N ow it should be obvi­ous that I’m a man of wealth and taste. And pic­tures? They sure are great and won­der­ful and all the Chicken McNuggets couldn’t give me what one pic­ture can: sat­is­fac­tion. So look around, you’ll find pho­tos of peo­ple, of things, of places, of fruits, fruits on peo­ple in places on occa­sion, and you might even see me write a thing or two. I’ll do my best to keep my mind and my pho­tos uploaded so you can fol­low along with me. It’s all one big jour­ney through this Willy Wonka fac­tory we call wak­ing up every day.


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