So This Leaves Us in an Awkward Place

People - Eden and Sarah

The beau­ti­ful duo you see here two of the cur­rent loves of my life. They were as con­fused as I was when we took this in a fan­ci­ful day at the park in Buenos Aires.  So here goes num­ber two. It’s 4:16 am on this coast, Bon Iver slowly fil­ter­ing...

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One More Time

Music - Infected Mushroom

  This is Erez Eisen, the infected half of Infected Mush­room. They played at my school recently. Kind of like Daft Punk play­ing at my house?  sually when peo­ple have no idea what I’m talk­ing about, it’s time for me to go to sleep. Right now is one of those times, but instead...